Photo of ADA Trail at Fort Worden

Photo Courtesy of Travis Rowland

Fort Worden, ADA Trail, at Fort Worden Historical State Park, Port Townsend is 100% accessible, meeting all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Well maintained, 6.5 to 7.5 feet wide asphalt walkway has a slight incline for a pleasant 30 minute loop trail along the beach from Marine Science Center towards the Lighthouse and looping round to beautiful views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, plentiful birds, and seasonal flowers, including wild rose and lupine.  No Washington State DISCOVER PASS needed for visitors with WA Disability Vehicle Plates or blue disability hanger.

Several asphalt and gravel parking lots without time limitations for visitor parking. There are parking spaces (>10 feet wide) for people with disabilities, wheelchair access and ramps. The parking slot at the canteen is 11’6″ wide without delineated access lane adjacent to long wooden planter. The planter should be moved to allow easy disembarking from disabled transit vehicle.
Additional ramp needed at crosswalk to ADA trail across from Marine Science canteen.

How to get there
Fort Worden State Park is located in Port Townsend, along Admiralty Inlet in Washington State. The Fort Worden ADA Trail begins at the Marine Science Center, near cross streets of Eisenhower Street and Harbor Defense Way (a park extension of Port Townsend’s Cherry Street). Fort Worden is a naturalist gem situated on 433 acres originally built as a United States Army installation for the protection of Puget Sound.


#7 Poulsbo / Port Ludlow / Tri Area Route

Jefferson County Transit (Route 2, Fort Worden) has a bus stop across the street from the Friends of Fort Worden, Old Guardhouse Visitor Center & Gift Shop (200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368, Phone: 360.344.4459). To access the Fort Worden Park and Recreation Area, travel East one block on Eisenhower, turn left on Harbor Defense Way with smooth, well-maintained cement sidewalk that is moderately steep incline for approximately 1 block (approximately 100 feet)

ADA Trail
The trail is fully accessible with manual or motorized wheelchair, stroller, walker or canes. Practically ideal for people with any level of physical limitation and delightful Green Space site that is a favorite “Stroll and Roll” and hiking site!
The trail starts at the Marine Science Center.  Trail surface is well-maintained asphalt that is level, firm and stable. Fort Worden ADA Trail is clearly delineated with bright, white road line along park road with very light traffic. There is one puddle area with accumulation of rainwater along one part of trail (~50 feet) adjacent to a gravel parking area. However, that area can be easily avoided on the wide asphalt trail. Fort Worden staff plan to increase drainage in this section of the ADA trail. Further on, the trail has a curb on the right side. Elevation change is less than 20 feet over 1/4 mile.

Accessible rest rooms available, year round. Rest Rooms meet all ADA requirements. During winter season, 50% of rest rooms are locked due to periodic wind storms. However, accessible toilets are available, even when shower areas are closed.

Benches, rest areas, picnic tables, and accessible picnic tables are available at the Public Covered Kitchen/BBQ Building (which can be reserved through Fort Worden State Park).

Lighting is available in and around the Rest Room/Shower buildings. However, the park closes at dusk so there are no evening activities, except in camping and recreational vehicle (RV) areas.

OPEN: 8:00 AM to Dusk
Fort Worden,
200 Battery Way,
Port Townsend, WA 98368,
Phone: (360) 344-4400