Disability Awareness and Education

to create a deeper understanding of obstacles faced by people with disabilities and to raise awareness among people who have disabilities about their options


through useful disability subjects on this website, our free print and digital accessibility guides, workshops and more


at the request of any local agency, business or organization


to resolve accessibility problems in Jefferson County

DASH resources serve all residents and visitors and are provided at no cost.

Disability Awareness and Education

DASH Disability-for-a-Day Events, left to right:  2009 – Philip Morley and Bill Miller receive simulated impairments; participants and DASH assistants are ready to navigate Port Townsend and Port Hadlock; 2010 – Lynn Gressley and Sarah Bowman walk to the hospital from the 10th Street bus stop; 2007 – high school students navigate their community with simulated disabilities.
  • DASH has conducted 8 annual Disability-for-a-Day Events for local elected officials, city and county staff, business people and high school students in which they experience the difficulties of life with various impairments.  Participants have pointed out that the physical environment often presents far more significant barriers to accessibility than do a person’s physical limitations.
  • Mini-events for businesses and organizations on request so that staff and management experience navigating their facility with various impairments firsthand.
  • We partner with government offices and agencies as well as local businesses to improve and maintain physical access to community resources and services.  We partner with Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management in their emergency preparedness program for people with disabilities.
  • In planning stages is a DASH Walk and Roll event to raise awareness among people who have disabilities about their options for recreation…more


We respond to information requests raised by anyone
We publish a number of free guides to accessible places

Fully Accessible Restaurant Guide Accessible Port Townsend Map
Look for this window sticker given to accessible restaurants.  At right, the 2016 edition of our Accessible Port Townsend Map now shows selected sidewalk routes with useable curb cuts.

DASH publishes free print and downloadable online guides to accessible restaurants and entertainment venues and a map of accessible downtown and uptown Port Townsend.  The information in our guides is gathered through on-site evaluations by DASH members using ADA guidelines.  Our print brochures are available at visitor centers, community centers and many other locations.

On this website you will find –

  • Information pages on useful disability subjects and downloadable DASH accessibility guides
  • Extensive Links

    to make information about services and resources for people with disabilities easy to find

    to provide helpful information for businesses and organizations on a wide range of topics in the Useful Accessibility and ADA Information for Businesses and Organizations section and others

  • Current DASH Projects

    Our Inclusive Recreation Project is an ever-expanding information hub for inclusive recreational opportunities in Jefferson County.  We are working to evaluate and record information on public spaces, parks and public trails for opportunities for “all abilities” physical activity and will highlight the features of those spaces through additional print and digital publications and public events.


DASH responds to accessibility requests from local agencies and businesses

marion evaluating pool
In April 2016 DASH evaluation accessibility at Mountain View Commons at the City’s request. Above, DASH board member Marion Huxtable finishes the pool evaluation.

The City of Port Townsend is moving forward with improvements to Mountain View Commons. Since buildings used by public entities such as the City (Title II facilities) must be made accessible when alterations are carried out, the City asked DASH to conduct an inspection of the entire Commons in preparation for making its ADA improvements. We spent a couple of hours going over the campus and presented checklists, photographs and suggestions that the City will incorporate into the short and long-term plans for bringing Mountain View into ADA compliance.

Many people with disabilities use facilities at Mountain View. Once the work is finished, improved curb cuts and ramps, parking, entrances, restrooms etc will move Port Townsend closer to being an inclusive community.



DASH works to resolve accessibility problems in Jefferson County.
We respond to physical access concerns raised by anyone, anonymously and without cost

A few recent examples –

  • DASH has worked with Jefferson Healthcare to increase accessibility in their facilities for many years. In 2010 our focus turned to the obstacles patients encountered on Sheridan Street and the Jefferson Healthcare campus before they could enter the hospital and clinics.  We started with a one-third page Leader ad, “DASH Pedestrian Nightmare #1”, and a Disability-for-a-Day Event centered on these issues.  City, County and State agencies came together to make access to our healthcare center work for everyone, with DASH consulting at every step.

One of many improvements:

Going to the hospital from the 10th Street bus stop in 2010-
The only sidewalk on the hospital side of Sheridan stopped at a 10th Street  crosswalk leading to a hedge. Pedestrians had to navigate traffic and parked cars that limit vision for cars leaving hospital parking.
that-crosswalk-to-jhc-2010That route to the hospital now-
The crosswalk leads to a sidewalk, not to a hedge, and no parked cars will limit vision for cars leaving the hospital.
10th-street-bus-stop-to-jhc-before-sidewalks sheridan-at-jhc-before-sidewalks

…go to Jefferson Healthcare Project

  • We were contacted by a Port Townsend resident whose husband was unable to safely navigate his wheelchair around a sidewalk dining area on the Water Street sidewalk.  After inspecting that area and checking applicable City ordinances, a DASH board member spoke with the restaurant manager who appreciated being made aware of the problem and made the changes needed in their sidewalk dining arrangement.
  • After a call to the City, the blackberries obstructing this Sheridan Street sidewalk were immediately cleared.