There are NO Accessible Playgrounds in Jefferson County

JUMP! is a group of physical and occupational therapists, parents of children with disabilities, and community members that has formed to build a new accessible and inclusive playground at HJ Carroll Park.  We have found a fiscal sponsor in the Mike Beery Memorial Children’s Fund, and will be accepting donations to help us build this playground.  We have received approval from the Jefferson County Parks & Recreation department to donate this playground to the County.  After our contract is reviewed by the County Legal dept. we will then be presenting to the Board of County Commissioners.  Once we have that approval, we will be launching our website, so stay tuned!

We will be the first accessible playground in all of Jefferson County and will be joining Clallam, Kitsap and many other counties in providing accessible, inclusive playgrounds.


One of many examples of an accessible playground

 See the link below for more info on Port Angeles’ new playground:

Peninsula Daily News August 2016

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